Cosimo Sergi

Cosimo Sergi

Cosimo Sergi is the Managing Partner together with Salvatore Gargano for Italy, based in Milan

University studies of Medicine and Surgery, University of Milan
University of Bologna, DAMS, Communication

Professional Career:
Over 30 years of articles on technological and scientific information on most divulgative italian weekly magazines
Over 10 years of collaboration with researchers, doctors on relationship between food and health, and hospitals (Istituto Auxologico Italiano) and sanitary institutions.
Founder member of UNIPSAS (Popular University of Studies on Food and Health)

Experience and Expertise Focus:
Italian overall health market experiences
Expert in Food Supplements, Medical Devices, Functional Foods, Nutraceutics, & Probiotics (Microbiote, Microbioma, “Inflammageing”, Longevity).
Specialist in Natural Products and Botanicals.
Journalist, writer. Director, filmaker

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