Aurelio Villafranca

Aurelio Villafranca Saez
Brazil & South America

Aurelio Villafranca is the Managing Partner for Brasil

São Paulo University- Medicine
ITA-Institute of Aerospacial Technology-MBA in Strategic Business Administration
Getulio Vargas University- MBA in Strategic Business Management and Pharmaceutical Industry Management

Professional Career
Over 20 years experience with OTC medicines, significant experience in rare diseases and several other therapeutic areas.
Over seven years as main executive of ABIMIP-National Trade Association of OTC Manufacturers
More than 25 years of experience as manager and director of national and multinational pharmaceutical companies (Roche, Aventis, Pharmacia&Upjohn, Farmasa, Hypermarcas, ABIMIP-National Trade Association of OTC Manufacturers, Aegerion)
Regional management positions in Latam
Foundation of two international companies in the healthcare sector in Latam (Reckitt Benckiser and Aegerion)

Experience and Expertise Focus
Significant experience in OTC trade association of the pharmaceutical industry (ABIMIP – Brazilian Association of the Industry of Prescription Medicines), in the development and implementation of policies and strategies for the regulatory area of the pharmaceutical sector, with significant experience in government relations, negotiation of prices with the government, in the process of consolidating marketing channels, consolidating research and development structures, marketing strategies and intelligence.
Significant experience in the areas of new product development, regulatory, medical, medical-marketing, new business and government relations. Extensive experience in research and development management, regulatory issues, promotion and advertising, development of regulatory strategies, international and local clinical trials, product portfolio analysis, new business development, partnerships, technical and commercial evaluation, contract management, implementation and leadership of new projects, in a highly regulated environment in Brazil and Latin America.

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