You are looking for innovative products?

“Innovate or die”

Innovation is a major driver of growth in the OTC industry like in many other businesses. Is your innovation pipeline strong enough?
Compass Healthcare is specialized in OTC portfolio development and innovation scouting. In this capacity we can support you in the actual innovation scouting as well as in the analytical and strategic “ground work“.

For the product scouting itself the following options are available:

Portfolio offer

We have a large selection of innovative products in our portfolio, many of which will be available for your market. They cover practically all OTC segments and registration categories (OTC drugs, medical device, food supplement, cosmetic). These products we can offer to you immediately. We are happy to send you customized proposals immediately; there is no cost for you involved. Optimally you can indicate in which type of category and country you are looking for innovation.

For immediate offer of innovative OTC products, contact us now.

Targeted search project

We start a targeted search for products to in-license or acquire based on your briefing.

Continuous innovation scouting

We would permanently look internationally for innovative products in the categories requested based on your briefing with agreed monthly/quarterly deliverables.

Product Innovation Workshop

It proved to be effective to kick off with a common Product Innovation Workshop where we present international trends, look together in your portfolio strategy and develop a new product briefing for your specific situation.